Hoses and Antifreeze Flushes

Cars with internal combustion engines periodically require the radiator to be flushed and replaced with new antifreeze, also known as coolant. This is to protect the radiator from freezing in the winter or overheating during the summer months. If your radiator’s hoses become clogged with particles or debris, this can cause a blockage of antifreeze to the engine, which can result in major issues down the road. Maintaining the health of your radiator’s hoses with periodic antifreeze flushes can go a long way towards keeping your car’s engine running in top condition and saving you a great deal of time and money down the road. 321 Radiator Shop has Hudson, NC covered for antifreeze flushes and replacement hoses to keep your car’s cooling system in tip-top shape!


How Are Antifreeze Flushes Performed?

While an antifreeze flush is a relatively simple procedure, it is essential to have it performed by experienced technicians who are well-versed in radiator repair, so you can be sure it is done properly. Your technician will use a special coolant tester to check the gravity of the antifreeze you already have in your car, in order to determine whether it’s time for an antifreeze flush. The radiator specialist will then drain the existing antifreeze from your car, then flush the radiator by filling it with water, running the engine for approximately 10 minutes, and then letting the engine cool down. Your technician will then drain the water from the radiator, responsibly dispose of the used coolant, and refill your radiator with a pre-diluted antifreeze mixture specific to the make and model of your vehicle. After running the engine for another 10 minutes to remove any existing air pockets in the cooling system, the coolant level will be checked and topped off if necessary, and you’re good to go!


What if My Radiator Hoses Need to Be Replaced?

Your technician will inspect your radiator hoses during a routine antifreeze flush, to check for possible issues. If any problems are detected with your hoses, 321 Radiator Shop can help with that, too! Your technician will be sure to advise you of the radiator hose issues as well as his or her recommendations for repair or replacement prior to performing any additional labor on your vehicle. If you decide to have the issues with your hoses repaired or replaced, we’ll be happy to perform that service for you as quickly as possible.


Antifreeze Flushes and Hose Inspections in Hudson, NC

Treat your car’s cooling system right, and your engine will thank you for it! Visit 321 Radiator Shop in Hudson, NC for an antifreeze flush and radiator hose inspection today so you can make sure your car’s cooling system is performing just as it should. Call 828-728-7508 to schedule your appointment with one of our certified radiator specialists. Keep your car in peak condition with regular antifreeze flush services by 321 Radiator Shop!