Heater Core Replacement

If you suspect your car’s heater core needs to be replaced, 321 Radiator Shop is here for you! We are Hudson, NC’s heater core replacement experts, and can get your heater core replacement service done as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to take too much time out of your busy life to deal with heater core issues. You can count on the certified technicians at 321 Radiator Shop to help you with all your heater core replacement needs with quick, affordable service and outstanding results!


What is a Heater Core, Anyway?

The heater core is the part of your car’s cooling system, and is responsible for the functionality of your heater and defroster. The heater core is located next to the radiator, and looks exactly like a mini version of the radiator itself. A malfunctioning heater core can cause your car’s heater and defroster to stop working, which can make for a chilly commute on cold winter mornings!


How Do I Know if I Need a Heater Core Replacement?

One of the major signs that your heater core needs replacing is a buildup of moist condensation on the inside of your car’s windows for no apparent reason. This can indicate that the heater core is not effectively performing its job. Additionally, if you notice an odd, almost fruity-smelling aroma emanating from your heater vents, this is a sign that your radiator fluid is leaking into your car as a result of a broken heater core. If your heater is blowing out icy cold air, this is one of the most unmistakable signs of a blown heater core. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you should make an appointment with the heater core replacement specialists at 321 Radiator Shop without delay!


Quality Heater Core Replacement in Hudson, NC

321 Radiator Shop has over 39 years of radiator repair and replacement excellence under its belt, and our heater core replacement services are unmatched in Hudson, NC. We can quickly and effectively diagnose your heater core trouble, replace your heater core, and send you on your way to a much warmer commute! If you are in need of premium heater core replacement here in Hudson, call 321 Radiator Shop today at 828-728-7508 today to speak with a friendly representative about scheduling an appointment. Don’t suffer with a blown heater core when Hudson’s heater core replacement specialists are right in your backyard. Call today!